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Rife Machine Insights 2

When I began using the Rife machine in the summer of 2012, I started out with a very basic type of Rife machine that used a double bubble plasma tube with 6 analog dials to move the frequencies from 0-10,000 hz. I started out using a pendulum to test the frequencies listed in the Rife Handbook by Nena Sylver as well as the list of Rife frequencies in the CAFL from the website I would use up to 10 Rife frequencies or so at 3 minutes each with each patient holding the double bubble tube in the their hands. In the majority of the patients I treated I couldn’t really see any noticeable change in their symptoms and it was pretty clear that the Rife machine I was using was not producing the results that I had hoped it would. That Rife machine did not have a soft start feature and the plasma tube would give a buzzing jolt when turned on which would have the patients nearly jumping off of the chair with a startled yelp. By some miracle, in the few months that I used that Rife machine no one ever catapulted the glass tube across the room! If I touched the patient that was connected to that Rife machine I would also receive a stinging electric shock, which limited my ability to use kinesiology with my patients during the treatments.

Once I realized this limitation, I upgraded from the Volkswagen bug version of a Rife machine to a version of Rife machine more akin to a Mercedes Benz called the BCX Ultra. With the BCX Ultra, besides the ease of being able to program in my own frequency sets into the computer and running them while attending to another patient, I was finally able to integrate my system of diagnosis called Biophoton Kinesiology with the Rife machine. I figured out how to muscle test each frequency on the patient while they were connected to the plasma tubes of the new Rife machine and detect the subtle response with kinesiology that occurred when the correct frequency was run.

This was the first major breakthrough that I made with the Rife machine and I was finally able to see some obvious improvement in my patients and was able to eliminate a chronic amoebic infection in my wife that she had had for years despite taking many anti parasitic herbal preparations. I would first determine what pathogen(s) the patient had using homeopathic samples of the pathogens with kinesiology and then run a set of Rife frequencies for that pathogen at one minute each placing the thin plasma tubes of the Rife machine in the patient´s socks so that their hands would be free to check with muscle testing. I would muscle test the patient until I found the Rife frequency that was able to produce a detectable change in the patient´s response to the pathogen sample from weak to strong. Then, once I found the Rife frequency that tested well, I would use that frequency for 20 or 30 minutes on the patient placing the plasma tube of the Rife machine as close to the site of the infection as possible.

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