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Cofe holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chines Medicine from Yo San University where he graduated with a GPA of 3.82.  He was one of only two students selected to do an observation internship at the Tao of Wellness clinic with Dr. Maoshing Ni gaining vast experience in tongue and pulse diagnosis and learning the needling technique of Dr. Ni.  Cofe was also chosen to be a tutor and teacher's assistant, won an academic scholarship for high achievement, and had two articles published in  He graduated with honors in December, 2004 and passed the California State Board exam in January 2005 with a high score of 149 out of 175.

In addition to his university training, Cofe has attended many seminars and workshops with several master healers from various disciplines.  He was trained in Esoteric Acupuncture by Dr. Mikio Sankey, Modern Medical Qigong and Myo-osteo therapy by Dr. Tatsuo Hirano, in Integrative Quantum Medicine levels I and II by Louise Mita, in the Balance Method of acupuncture by Dr. Richard Tan, in Master Tung's acupuncture by Dr. Young Wei Chieh, and facial diagnosis by Patrician Mccarthy. 


Following his 4 years of Chinese medical school training, Cofe was selected by Dr. Matt Van Benschoten to be his apprentice and was trained in Bio-photon Kinesiology, the extremely precise system of diagnosis and herbal prescription created by Dr. Van Benschoten through 25 years of research.  Cofe learned this system directly under the supervision of Dr. Van Benschoten for one year before deciding to bring this unique healing system to Mexico where he has been practicing for 10 years as the sole practitioner of Biophton Kinesiology.  

In 2012 ​Cofe discovered the Rife machine, a device that sends electromagnetic frequencies through the body that are capable of destroying microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. He found a way to integrate the Rife machine with Biophoton Kinesiology developing the method of Rife Biophoton Kinesiology. In this method acupuncture points are tested with samples of bacterias, viruses, fungi, and parasites while simultaneously running Rife frequencies in order to determine the exact Rife frequencies that destroy the particular microbes that the patient is suffering from.



Cofe Fiakpui

L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

M.TCM (Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Specialty in Biophoton Kinesiology (Dr. Matt Van Benschoten OMD)

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